Why Do You Need To Put So Much Thoughts To Your Cake?


That is because a cake is an important part of an event. It is a symbol of gratitude for a certain achievement in life- be it birthdays, celebrations, anniversary or even a wedding.

Also, a cake is THE centerpiece of the party. Think about it, one of the most iconic moments in most events or celebration typically features the cake; cutting cake ceremony, blowing candles, etc. Everybody’s attention will be ON the cake- it will forever be there in the photographs you take on that event. You only get married once, and you’re gonna spoil your wedding photos with an ugly cake?

Sadly, a lot of couples overlook these points when they plan their wedding.

Nah, you might say, a cake is still just a cake, nobody cares about them.

Funnily enough, people often get it backwards. Of course no one will care if you bring in any plain, old ugly whatever. However, when you manage to get a stunningly gorgeous and delicious cake, they WILL care. They will notice, they will be excited about it, they will even take pictures with it!

Remember, those who say cakes don’t matter simply has not seen (or picked) a cake SO breathtaking, guests turn it into a photo spot. They haven’t seen a “good one” yet. That’s why they don’t care.

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