Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Below are the tips and pointers that we recommend you look into when you choose your cake.

However, it is just a suggestion and ultimately, the choice is yours.

1. Consider the size of your wedding venue
  • Think on how big your venue is, as the size of your cake will depend on that. How tall is the ceiling? The higher the ceiling, ideally the cake should be a little bit higher as well.
  • Are you going to put your cake on the stage or down? IF you are going to put it on the stage, you may not need to get a big one, as it will look taller than it really is. Consider also how big is the stage and will the cake fits in there.
  • Keep it balanced. A small 3-tiered cake will look so tiny in a grand ballroom, that it may not even be visible to the guests at the back. A huge cake in a small venue will just not fit. In essence, cake is a part of decoration- it will look beautiful if the size is right.
2. Match the cake to your events color and theme
  • Match the cake with your theme. You will be surprised as some cakes can get really specific and how well it can reinforce your theme. For example, it can be Alice in Wonderland, Frozen, Great Gatsby, Oriental and so on.
  • Match the cake with your color reference. This goes for weddings with no specific theme in mind. Pick cakes with colors that match the overall tone of the wedding, you can do this by either coloring the body of the cake or just by coloring the flowers (pic A & B). Match them with the flowers and fabrics your decorator picked for the venue.ll1
  • If you are not very sure, a neutral color such as white, off-white, ivory and mocha pretty much goes well with anything (pic C & D).ll2
3. What’s your flavor
  • Pick something that you and your guests and families will like. Think of all their preference as well as yours- do they like chocolate? Or do they prefer cheese?
  • Be mindful of their dietary restrictions, some cakes contain rhum and allergens such as nuts, milk, etc. Consider this, especially if some of your guests may not be able to eat them.
  • What flavors are the dessert that your catering/ hotels will have? More often than not, you will have dessert whether it is a buffet or a seating dinner. Generally, it is good not to repeat what has already been on the menu. For example, if the dessert menu is heavily laden with chocolate items, your guests may appreciate something else.
  • Ask your cake decorator whether they can mix flavors.
  • Find out how long the cake can last and whether or not they contain preservatives. Remember, not all the guests will eat the cake right away- some of them will take the cake back home and eat it the day after. The last thing you want to do is to give away spoiled cakes on your big day!
4. Price and Budgeting
  • Set a budget straight from the beginning and be open with your cake decorator. It will make the process much easier and smoother for both parties.
  • Usually the bigger and more complicated the cake is, the higher the price tag will be.
  • Find a way to save, for example by dealing on wedding exhibitions, as vendors tend to have special offers or discounts during those period. Also consider smaller servings for guests, especially when you know that there will already be plenty of food in your party.
  • Take a careful look on the terms and conditions offered! Some wedding cake decorators may open with an attractive price, but only for the most basic designs (think plain white with very few fake flowers thrown in here and there). Meaning they will charge you extra if you wanna have add-ons or make ammendments , such as adding flowers, adding toppers, change of design, etc. Which in the end, will be costly as well.
  • Make sure you know exactly how much will you be paying for at the end of the day- don’t be fooled by the initial numbers.

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