thin slice

1. Irish Coffee*

  • A LeNovelle’s original creation, in which creamy mocca filling is sandwiched between marble sponge cake.

2. American Chocolate*

  • Chocolate sponge cake, with dark chocolate filling in the middle. Don’t fancy sweet stuffs? This cake might just be the one for you.

3. Black Forest*

  • A true classic- chocolate sponge cake with vanilla custard filling, and fragrant with rum. Perfect for those who loves plenty of rum on their cake.

4. Cheesecake

  • Vanilla sponge cake with creamy cheese spread and grated Edam cheese. Our rendition of cheesecake is sweet, slightly savoury and will leave you wanting for more.

5. Lemon cake

  • Vanilla sponge cake with lemon and honey filling. It’s sweet and fragrant, yet light and refreshing.

Contains rum. Rum strength adjustable to standard, strong, slight, and none.