1. What is the difference between Le Novelle and Cream and Lace?

Cream and Lace (www.creamandlace.com) is our second line, started on 2011 by Dion Riyadi and his wife, Ling-Ling. It offers exactly the same quality of work and taste with slightly limited designs, and lower prices. Still beautiful, just easier on the pocket.

2. Where can you deliver to?

Outside of Jakarta and Bali we have delivered to several places such as Bandung, Makassar, Lampung, Papua, Hong Kong, and so on. Shipping rates however, can be rather steep. Do contact us for more information.

3. How many days prior must I placed an order?

For wedding cakes, we suggest six months to one year before your big day for maximum quality of work. On certain months (Sep – Dec) we are especially busy! Do book fast to avoid disappointment. For customized special occasions cakes, we recommend one week before your actual date.

Kindly take note that our system only considered the orders as confirmed after full payment has been made.

4. When is the latest deadline for payment?

30 (thirty) working days before D-day for wedding cakes, and three days prior to D-day for special occasions cake.

5. How long can I keep the cake for?

Our cake is free of preservatives and thereby are meant to be eaten immediately. It is advisable to consume the cakes within three days of purchase if stored in an air-conditioned room, and one week if stored in a chiller. Do note that keeping our cakes in the chiller will affect their texture and rum’s strength.

6. I wish to keep my cakes and figurines. Can i have them made with just dummies?

Yes you can! However, since they are all made of sugar, their condition will deteriorates after roughly three weeks (cracking, melting, etc).

7. I do not want any styrofoam below my cake, is it possible?

Our real cake’s height can only reach approximately 11 cm at most due to its soft and bouncy texture. Yes it is possible to not use styrofoam below the cake, unless it is a design that require the cake to be at certain height.

8. Can I request for other flavors beside the five you provide?

Those five are our signature flavors – but yes, we can make others. Do check with us for availability.